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Diving Holidays in Soma Bay: Unique Turquoise Waters

by Tijana

The chic resort of Soma Bay is the perfect location for an upscale diving trip. This resort offers beautiful hotels, a golf course, one of the most beautiful thalassotherapy centers in the world, and superb coral gardens. Between desert and turquoise waters, Soma Bay is one of the most beautiful places on the shores of the Red Sea.

Soma Bay

During your diving stay, you will dive on the sites between Soma Bay and Safaga, and in the North around Ras Abou Soma.

If for you, a diving vacation rhymes with relaxation, leisure, sublime beaches, and exclusive comfort, then Soma Bay is the place of your dreams. This magnificent bay, surrounded by long beaches bathed in turquoise waters, is the most luxurious destination on the Red Sea.

Diving in Soma Bay

Dive sites are easily accessible and are plentiful. We mainly find them between Soma Bay and Safaga.

 Soma Bay also offers many snorkeling sites, including the house-reef, magnificent at the end of the pontoon in front of the Breaker’s hotel.

Soma Bay sites

Shaab Saiman. It is the northernmost reef in the region. There are superb hard coral formations. It starts at 2m and goes down to 30m. It is probably one of the most beautiful coral gardens in the bay of Safaga. It is only accessible in calm weather. Along the reef, a sandy canyon completes this beautiful underwater setting. In terms of fauna, you will not be disappointed: reef sharks, eagle rays, turtles, schools of king mackerel and trevally, triggerfish, moray eels, and a multitude of reef fish.

Ras Abu Soma. It is a cape located north of Soma bay, surrounded by a reef. The site is also extremely popular for snorkeling; the reef is on the water. There are 2 dives around this spot (accessible depending on the weather). it is also possible to do a drift dive. The underwater architecture comprises hard coral blocks, beautiful acropora tables, and a small cave. The site is inhabited by giant morays, pufferfish, porcupine fish, octopus, turtles, wrasse, eagle rays, while in the blue, schools of barracuda’s patrol.

Abu Soma Garden. This site is close to the coast. It is a vast lush coral garden. The best of this dive is between 5 and 15m. The spectacle is permanent because the place is famous for being a cleaning station. The more seasoned will start with a drift dive to finish in the garden. There are schools of tuna, moray eels, turtles, schools of barracuda, stonefish, and lots of nudibranchs.

Tobia Island and Safaga island

Tobia Island and Safaga Island are two islands located south of Soma Bay and opposite Safaga. Tobia Island is a small sandy island that is often visited during the day. It is surrounded by a turquoise lagoon and is frequently called Sandy Island. There are some genuinely nice dive sites around… Read more.

Panorama Reef and Middle Reef

Panorama Reef and Middle Reef are two major sites in the Red Sea. Gorgonians, alcyonarians, coral, and fauna galore, Panorama Reef, and Middle Reef offer the best of diving in Egypt.

 They are accessible on a diving cruise or a diving trip from Safaga or Soma Bay… Read more.

The Salem Express

The Salem Express was called “Fred Scamaroni” at the time of its launch. The boat ensured the link between Saudi Arabia and Safaga with mainly on board pilgrims returning from Mecca. On the night of December 15-16, 1991, the boat struck a reef and sank in 20 minutes, with 650 people. Only 180 people could escape the tragedy. This shipwreck will remain in the memories of the Egyptians for a long time.

Diving on the wreck

As we consider the wreck a sepulcher, it is strictly forbidden to enter it. All possible entrances have been sealed to avoid curiosity and looters.

This dive on the Salem Express is sometimes refused by divers who feel it is not correct to approach it. The wreck is superb and will not leave you indifferent. You will be asked not to touch the boat and to respect the place. This dive will undoubtedly be the most beautiful dive in Safaga.

The boat is lying 30m deep, lying on its side, and it comes up in 10m of water. The boat is impressive; it is 115m long. We start the exploration by the stern and propellers, superb sponges are attached to it. Along the hull, we can see the restaurant, the two chimneys with the letter S, and the cockpit. We can observe beautiful fauna, boxfish, parrots, crocodile fish. Keep your eyes peeled, perhaps you will see “the concierge of the Salem Express”, a large Javanese moray.

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