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The Best Scuba Diving in The Caribbean: Top 4 Islands to Discover Underwater Paradise

by Tijana

With their postcard setting with fine sandy beaches and a sparkling sea as a backdrop, the Caribbean islands invite you to escape. These exceptional places are the favorite destination of tourists thirsty for exotic and diving lovers. Here you will find what islands are the best for scuba diving in the Caribbean.

Scuba Diving  Caribbean

If you are not a certified diver, do not worry. Many hotels offer lessons on-site, and if not, there are plenty of dive schools scattered throughout the Caribbean. Once you are ready to dive, head to one of these islands for incredible diving experiences.

The best scuba diving in the Caribbean:

1. Bahamas

Near to the coast of Florida are the Bahamas, a constellation of islands where the sea is presented in infinite shades of blue and the coral reefs hide countless secrets. The streets of the cities of the Bahamas contain many curiosities but diving enthusiasts will only see the transparent water that already gives a glimpse of the beauty of the underwater world of the Bahamas. The simple curious persons are content to snorkel, while the more adventurous put on all the equipment to dive among the sharks in a shark-feeding session and experience a unique sensation.

2. The Cayman Islands

Some people know the Cayman Islands for their tax advantages, but for others, it is above all a dream destination, ideal for enjoying diving. The peculiarity of the Cayman Islands, and especially of Grand Cayman, is that it is possible to have visibility in the water beyond 30 meters of depth. As there is practically no current, divers can practice their passion from the shore, and even learn to dive with underwater scooters.

The highlight of diving in the Cayman Islands is a visit to Stingray City, a fascinating place where divers can go to the ocean floor to watch the fish. It is also the only dive site where tourists get up close and personal with wild manta rays and hand-feed them.

3. Bonaire

Bonaire is a small island in the southern CaribbeanThis picturesque location, surrounded by mountains, is home to no less than 80 dive sites. Bonaire is also in the top 10 of the best dive sites in the world. They do not usurp this title, as the island’s seabed is home to over 470 species of fish that live in extreme peace. Every seasoned diver has their favorite spot on Bonaire, but they are all unanimous on the beauty of a night dive at Town Pier.

4. Aruba

With its beaches full of trendy bars, shopping malls, and luxury resorts, Aruba does not look like a dive site at all. Many see the island as a trendy seaside resort to have fun and enjoy the sun. Still, Aruba is a great diving destination. If the seabed is populated by large varieties of reforms, surgeonfish, and many corals, the maximum is the wrecks. It is a real underwater museum that is offered here to visitors who row among the wrecks of planes and ships dating back to the Second World War.

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