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Discover Underwater of Magical Santorini Island: TOP 6 Aeries for Diving

by Tijana

If you want to discover one of the most beautiful underwater aeries of Mediterranean, you need to go on the Santorini. Here is our selection of the best diving spots in Santorini.

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Known for its white and blue houses clinging to the cliffs, Santorini is a must-see island on a trip to Greece. Ancient remains and spectacular landscapes offer many opportunities for activities. If you are a fan of scuba diving, the waters surrounding this pearl of the Aegean Sea have some wonderful surprises in store for you. All the typical fauna of Greece is present there, from tiny nudibranchs to large pelagic such as tunas and barracudas. Between caves, lava flows, drop-offs, and reefs, the dive sites in Santorini are suitable for divers of all levels. Visibility, which regularly exceeds 20 meters, makes it possible to discover the spots in ideal conditions.

To help you make your choice, here we present the best diving spots in Santorini.

1. Kamari

In the south-east of the island, Kamari stars in this ranking of the best diving spots in Santorini. You will find three different sites, making up a great playground for beginners and experienced divers. Well protected from the waves, Kamari beach rock allows entry into the water from the beach. With a depth of 7 meters, it is an ideal site for baptisms and diving courses in Santorini.

Only 5 minutes by boat awaits you at Kamari reef. Also popular with snorkelers, the reef sinks to a depth of 19 meters. It covers the ground with colorful coral formations, a treat for underwater photographers.

Kamari wall is a drop off that descends vertically to a sandy plateau at 26 meters. As you walk along the wall, you will appreciate the beauty of the gorgonians which unfolds like delicate lace. Keep your eyes peeled for the delicate nudibranchs and octopuses that camouflage themselves on the rock. 

Departure point: Kamari

 Water temperature: 17 to 26 degrees

 Level: Beginner to intermediate

 Fauna and flora: gorgonians, octopus, nudibranchs

2. Vlychada beach

In the island’s south, we can reach this Santorini dive site in 15 minutes by boat. It is accessible from level 1 FFESSM or open water PADI and SSI. The maximum depth is 26 meters, but the key points of interest are in shallower water.

This artificial park created for divers is home to statues and amphorae, which serve as a refuge for a multitude of small fish. You will evolve in weightlessness in a mystical atmosphere and can imagine yourself as an explorer of ancient times. Lovers of underwater archeology particularly appreciate the place! 

Departure point: Vlychada

 Water temperature: 17 to 26 degrees

 Level: intermediate

 Fauna and flora: red mullet, sea bream, scorpionfish

3. Aspronisi

Aspronisi is a diving spot in Santorini renowned for the quality of its drop-offs. This small circular island has 9 different dive sites: enough to fill your days! The drop-offs start between 7 and 9 meters and plunge vertically up to 30 meters.

We first descend to the maximum depth, then we go up slowly, keeping the wall to the right or left, depending on the currents. You must concentrate to find the nudibranchs that hide among the soft corals. Beautiful multi-colored gorgonians add to the beauty of the sites. Do not forget to look in the blue, solitary barracudas sometimes cross in search of prey. Visibility is good, often exceeding 20 meters. 

Departure point: Fira, Akrotiri‚Ķ

 Water temperature: 18 to 27 degrees

 Level: intermediate to confirmed

 Fauna and flora: gorgonians, nudibranchs, barracudas

4. Palea and Nea Kameni

These two islands are in the caldera’s heart and are one of the best diving spots in Santorini. After 30 minutes of navigation, your center will offer you to immerse yourself in one of the 7 sites in the area. Three wrecks nestle in the surrounding area, some accessible to novice divers:

  • passenger ship, which sank in 1975, is just 10 meters below the surface. Life has developed in smaller degree there because of the sulfur fumes from the volcano, but this dive is ideal for the first immersion on a wreck. The 34 meters length of the boat offers possibilities of penetration for divers trained in this diving.
  • WWII boat, which rests 13 meters.
  • The Tugboat lies 30 meters deep. It is the only deep wreck in Santorini, and it is reserved for holders of advanced open water or a French level 2. Visibility is good and allows you to see the whole boat with a view from the bow or the stern. By looking well, you can find scorpionfish that camouflage themselves on the wreck, their colors blending perfectly with the hull of the boat.

Volcano sites 1, 2, and 3 allow you to dive between 7 and 25 meters. You will discover huge rocks, multicolored sponges, and a plateau full of life. 

Finally, at the Twin Towers site, you conclude your dives in Santorini with two massive rock formations that rise to the surface. 

Departure point: Fira

 Water temperature: 18 to 27 degrees

 Level: beginner to confirmed according to the sites

 Fauna and flora: scorpionfish, sponges

5. Thirassia

The island of Thirasia has some of the most beautiful diving spots in Santorini. Do not miss Thirasia Rivera. A stroll along a vertical wall full of crevices. Large groupers take refuge there, an encounter that will surely delight divers.

We consider Mansell Reef as one of the best dive sites in Santorini, but also in the entire country! The drop off starts at 6 meters and sinks up to 200 meters below the surface. This site is off the island of Thirasia, on the open side. Large pelagic frequent the place. You might be lucky enough to encounter tunas, swordfish, dolphinfish, and even sharks.

On Thirasia reef 1 and 2, you will observe rock formations covered with multicolored sponges. In the shallower parts, sunlight stresses the yellows, blues, and reds of the corals in an explosion of color. Near to Thirasia, Agios Nicolaos is a small islet dominated by a beautiful Greek church. Besides the beauty of the place, the reef welcomes an abundance of life, with a few schools of barracudas approaching the coast to hunt. 

Departure point: Thirassia, Oia

 Water temperature: 17 to 26 degrees

 Level: beginner to confirmed according to the sites

 Fauna and flora: groupers, swordfish, barracudas

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