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Misool: For Anyone Who Wants More of Diving

by Tijana

In the South East of the Raja Ampat archipelago, the Misool archipelago comprises thousands of small islands resting on one of the most beautiful coral lagoons in Indonesia. Misool offers an idyllic setting for a diving trip, whether on a diving holiday or a diving cruise.

misool diving

In the heart of the coral triangle, this region is protected by a Marine Park of 1,220 square kilometers including 828 square kilometers of “Non-Take Zone”, where fishing is prohibited. 

The unspoiled islands are breathtakingly beautiful! In places, the turquoise waters reveal coral gardens at the water’s edge. An idyllic postcard landscape! And given its isolation, this difficult to access archipelago is completely preserved from mass tourism.

Your diving vacation in the Misool archipelago, whether on vacation or a cruise, will remain etched in your diver’s memory for a long time.

Diving around Misool

Misool is the largest island, and all around there are many small uninhabited islands. The island of Batbitim is close to the most beautiful diving sites in the region. The underwater world of Misool is renowned for its beautiful underwater architecture, and the super coral gardens that explode with color. Diving cruises can explore around sixty sites around Misool. During a diving trip, they visit no less than 25 sites.

Dive sites around Misool

Magic Mountain is located 20 minutes from the lodge. It is famous for its manta cleaning station. There are two species: the mobula birostris (the largest of the manta rays) and the mobula alfredi, the smallest. Strong currents also attract other fauna, such as napoleons, or white tip sharks. Many other pelagic species frequent the place.

Nudi Rock: this is the ideal place for macrofauna photography enthusiasts. You will dive on a gigantic plateau covered with soft corals, crinoids, and giant gorgonians in which nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, and shrimps hide. A large vertical wall is at the end of the plateau and gives way to schools of groupers, barracudas, and many pelagic.

Boo Windows or Boo Island: this is one of the most famous dive sites thanks to its unique architecture. They are two rock formations with crevices and holes that look like windows. Carpet sharks will accompany you if the current is not too strong. There are also many beautiful coral tables, where large schools of fusiliers roam. The play of light through the windows offers a beautiful atmosphere that will delight photographers. At the end of the dive, the barrel sponges shelter a multicolored fauna. There are also green turtles.

Fiabacet: this dive offers you exceptional underwater landscapes. These are 4 islets whose waters shelter large schools of snappers, fusiliers, surgeons, and triggerfish. Wrasse, humpback parrots, and turtles are also visible here. Inspect in the blue, hammerhead sharks sometimes make an appearance. In the depths, it is the gorgonians that line the bottom, and which serve as a backdrop for beautiful hunting scenes. The colors, the lights, the decor, and the wildlife that swirls in the currents, make this dive one of the most beautiful in the area.

Yillet: the large island of Yillet is 15 minutes from the dive site. In the past, this island served as a base camp for shark fishers. The large drop-off forms plateaus, overhangs, and crevices. It is necessary to dive with a torch to admire the multiple shrimps and other small species in the dark corners of the walls. A few barracudas roam around these crevasses, and hawksbill turtles frequent the site.

Farondi. Located 20 km from the big island of Misool, the islet of Farondi is covered with cliffs. This astonishing terrestrial architecture is also underwater. Thus, we discover tunnels and caves lined with a beautiful abundant fixed fauna. There are also fusiliers or even humpback parrots.

Daram Islands

The Daram Islands are located east of Misool. This site is an essential stopover for diving cruises in the region. The huge reef is magnificent and well worth 2 dives. The gorgonians, sponges, and soft corals are superb. The fauna is very abundant, with large schools of fusiliers, butterflyfish, and barracudas. Blacktip sharks are also very present. The Candy Store site deserves its name, divers will feel like children in a candy store, totally amazed!

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