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Ibiza – The Snorkeling & Diving Paradise

by Tijana

The island of Ibiza has a large stretch of coastline with a multitude of unique landscapes, whose views are a great attraction. One of the most practiced sports by both amateurs and experts are diving and snorkeling, which allows you to discover the seabed in search of caves, fish, starfish, and other secret jewels hidden in the sea.

Ibiza Snorkeling diiving

The clarity of the water in Ibiza stands out thanks to the Posidonia oceanic meadows, a marine plant that, besides serving as a refuge for many marine species, oxygenates the water and filters the sand so that the beaches of Ibiza have that fine sand and that water crystal clear, perfect for diving and snorkeling.


Snorkeling is one of the simplest and most accessible water sports for sea lovers visiting Ibiza. The only material you need is a snorkel and diving goggles. The diving goggles must fit perfectly on the face and act as a suction cup to prevent water entry. Diving goggles and a tube can cost around 20 euros, so we find it that snorkeling is a very inexpensive water sports ideal for people of all ages. 

For those who like snorkeling like a diver, other equipment will help the practice of this water sport. A wetsuit will allow us to extend the diving season, since it protects our body from the cold and scratches produced by rocks or even from attacks by some fish, such as moray eels. Also, some fins are recommended to dive more quickly and dive into secret corners. Neoprene gloves are also especially useful, allowing us to lift rocks without fear of hurting ourselves and protecting our hands from the cold produced after many hours of snorkeling.

In Ibiza, the water is extremely clear, and any beach is good for snorkeling, although the best way to see the best seabed is to go to rocky areas, since they are less frequented by bathers and are a good refuge for different fish, crustaceans, octopuses, etc. Anyway, we recommend you visit our section of secret beaches in Ibiza to discover which are the best places. 

Scuba Dives

Fortunately, the marine life that inhabits the waters surrounding Ibiza is much less fickle than tourists during the summer, choosing a place to stay year-round for your viewing pleasure. The waters of the Mediterranean are famous for being noticeably clear, warm, and turquoise, and the waters of Ibiza are no exception. With temperatures never dropping below 14 C, diving is always one of the most fantastic things to do in Ibiza, even in the winter months. There are so many amazing dive sites for us, so we have focused on the five most spectacular.

Cala Longa Cave (The Cathedral)

‘Spectacular’ is the only word that comes close to describing this dive, so it is not surprising that it is one of the most popular spots on the island. Cala Longa is on the east coast of the island. As you enter the bay on the south side, you will find the start of the Cathedral dive.

After hitting the bottom at 15 meters, you must swim along the rock wall until you reach the entrance of the cave which is about 8 meters from the surface. Upon entering this enormous cave, you will ascend and surface into a huge pocket of air and remove your mask and regulator to properly take in its majestic surroundings. The cave is full of curious rock formations and impressive stalagmites, which were created thousands of years ago. When you have finished admiring the cave and have made your way back, take a moment to appreciate the contrast between the darkness of the cave and the stunning turquoise color of the Mediterranean.

Dive in Cala Espartar

This is one of the four dives that can be done around Isla Espartar and by far the most exciting. This dive can be a bit intimidating for beginners because of the depth, but it is not as difficult as you may think. There is a fantastic drop from about 5 meters to 23 meters before it turns into a wonderful place at about 45. If you don’t feel like diving to the bottom, don’t worry because we can find the best of marine life at levels between 25 – 30m. Keep an eye out for ‘Elvis’ – a huge grouper who often lurks in his 37m deep den.

Cave of Light

Also known as Na Coloms. The cliffs of Es Racó Fosc provide the backdrop for this incredible dive. About 3m below the crystal-clear waters, you will find the entrance to a charming cave. Like the Cathedral, this cave has an air pocket, so you can emerge and marvel at your surroundings. The Cueva de la Luz is as deep as it is wide – about 15 meters – and has a domed ceiling.

The Cueva de la Luz, seen from above, is an excellent place to do dives

What makes this cave unique is the crack at the top that allows light to flood inside and illuminate the surrounding water. I can only describe the way the colors dance and bounce around the cave as magical. Many fabulous sea creatures live in these waters, including cardinalfish, lobsters, and conger eels, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Immersion in the ‘Don Pedro’

Es Daus Island, off the east coast of Ibiza Town, is home to one of the most spectacular dives on the island. This is a dive that most enthusiasts can usually only dream of, but never think they will get a chance: a shipwreck. Don Pedro was a merchant ship that sank in the summer of 2007 while sailing on its way from Ibiza to Valencia. At 140 meters, it was an impressive ship, so today there are a lot of remains to explore. Its shallowest point is 25 meters, its deepest 45m. It is now the largest recreational dive site in Europe. And as if things could not get any better, the visibility of the water to dive in this area is fantastic.

Cala Olivera

Just one beach south of the Cathedral dive site is the charming Cala Olivera. The bay is surrounded by large expanses of pine trees, and the waters are famous for their clarity. Just diving around the entrance to the cave that is located a few meters from the beach is an experience, but when you enter the cave, the magic begins. There are no less than three access points, and the fantastic fireplace system inside the cave will amaze you.

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