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Top 10 Best Spots for Diving in The World

by Tijana

At the bottom of the sea, the surprises are endless. Fish of all colors and sizes that surround your body, corals with strange shapes that give life to idyllic landscapes, currents that transform the environment in an instant… Today we present the best places to dive and discover a parallel world. Will you accompany us?


1. Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world; so large that it measures 2,600 kilometers long and can be seen from space! Diving among the corals and fish of this immense reserve of natural wonders is truly a dream.

2. Azores

This Portuguese archipelago “lost” in the Atlantic Ocean hides an incredible underwater world, very well preserved and of volcanic origin. Tuna, barracuda, and manta rays, along with other species such as groupers, morays, and rays are the great protagonists.

3. Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands, best known for the Darwinist theory of evolution, could not remain outside this ranking. Because in this place you can find the largest amount of common and exotic marine species. Among others, giant turtles and colorful starfish stand out.

4. The Bahamas

For risk lovers, one of the strongest emotions is to immerse yourself in the sea’s territory most feared predator. So, in New Providence, the capital of shark diving, you can experience this adventure not suitable for the cowardly ones at the sites of Shark Wall, Runway, and Sea Buoy.

5. Malta

The archipelago of Malta is well known and frequented by diving enthusiasts: thanks to its favorable climate, it is in fact possible to practice this activity all year round. It combines the beauty of some parts of the island with more than interesting sites for divers, especially on the island of Gozo.

6. Cayman Islands

They offer a prominent coral reef thanks to the good visibility of the water, between 35 and 40 meters, and the great variety of sites, where you can dive between vertiginous walls with drops that can exceed 2,000 meters.

7. Croatia

Under the transparent waters of this sea, there is a true paradise that deserves to be discovered. With nearly 1,200 islands, this country offers a long line of diving sites and fascinating caves, ideal for the more experienced and adventurous divers.

8. Egypt

The “diving destination” par excellence for all European divers. But why is Egypt, and the Red Sea, so popular? Because it combines several favorable features: it is close, cheap, with endless possibilities to dive and a lot to do besides visiting the deep sea.

9. The Philippines

Diving here means swimming among beautiful coral gardens, engaging in exciting wall dives, exploring interesting historical wrecks, and discovering creatures never seen before!

10. Mauritius

Diving in Mauritius is like diving in a spectacular aquarium. This island awaits you with mythical and famous places such as the “Cathedral”, a set of caves where light and its reflections are the protagonists. Going under the water here will give you indelible images that will accompany you for a long time when you re-emerge from the sea surface

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