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Diving Tips – Diving Techniques and Equipment

by Tijana

Diving is a completely unknown activity, for some, it is just a hobby, and some are practicing diving as a favorite recreation that they do regularly.

Diving Tips

To try diving yourself, find out what diving techniques, locations, and equipment you will need.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is diving with a bottle, got its name in English from the acronym of the word: Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, which practically means diving with a bottle.


Freediving is a diving technique in which divers breathe in as much air as possible, dive into the water and go to as great depths as possible, and cover as much distance as possible, with just one breath. This is also a competitive discipline, and fins and diving masks differ from other popular types of diving.


Snorkeling is diving on the very surface of the water. However, unlike free diving, an air hose is used here, and other equipment. Snorkeling is swimming on the surface of the water with a submerged head to watch a fascinating underwater world.

Skin diving

Skin diving is reminiscent of snorkeling but differs from it so  that divers can dive deeper when they see something that attracts their attention and not spend all their diving time swimming on the surface of the water.

Diving equipment

For each of these 4 diving techniques, there are special rules for the diving equipment. Scuba diving, which is also the most complex, requires the most of the diving equipment.

Here are the parts of all diving equipment:

Diving mask

Since human eyes are not “programmed” to function underwater, especially under saltwater – one of the most important elements of diving equipment is the diving mask.

The diving mask is an easily accessible element that makes the diving equipment complete and can be of different performance and quality, on which its price depends the most.

Air tube

The air hose is a mandatory part of snorkeling and skin-diving equipment. It is also used by experienced divers with a bottle, it can be a great way to save precious air from the bottle.

Diving fins

Diving equipment also includes diving fins, an important part without which diving would not be the same. The fins give control over the movements and the direction in which the diver moves, and they also allow him to move quickly and easily through the water.

Diving suit

A diving suit is a mandatory part of diving equipment for diving at greater depths. Scuba diving is therefore unthinkable without this suit, which protects the skin and maintains body heat.

Diving gloves

Sometimes a diving suit is not enough for diving – we need something to protect the hands and joints. So we use diving gloves – they serve divers, especially during diving in caves and on similar complex underwater terrains.

Diving bottle

The diving bottle is another piece of diving equipment that is mandatory for all variations of scuba diving. For other types of diving, it is unnecessary. The diving bottle contains oxygen or special gases such as Nitrox and allows divers to stay underwater much longer (and therefore deeper) than what a single breath of air above the water surface would give them.

Diving equipment – underwater gadgets

Besides the above parts, diving equipment also contains instruments that allow scuba divers to dive at great depths, with full technical support:

The diving regulator makes it possible to convert air from the diving bottle and reach the mouth, and thus the diver’s lungs.

Instruments that measure depth, pressure, and a compass that serves to orient the diver are also a necessary part of scuba diving equipment, and their function is clear from the name of the instruments themselves.

Diving computer – it shows divers how long they have been underwater, how deep they are, and how much longer they can stay at the depth they are at. We can use it with the instruments and thus provide the safest and most beautiful diving experience.

Underwater camera – every diver wants to remember his diving experience, so that can always remind him of it, and is there a better way to do that than capturing an underwater landscape? That is why the diving camera is among the must-have diving gadgets that are part of the diving equipment.

Diving equipment also includes accessories such as a mask defogger, diving knife, underwater lights, first aid equipment, and even a diving, underwater log.

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