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Diving on The Thistlegorm: One of The Most Beautiful Wrecks in The World

by Tijana

The SS Thistlegorm is one of the most beautiful wrecks in the world. It is located southwest of Sinai on a vast set of reefs: Sha’ab Ali, in the Strait of Gubal.

Diving on The Thistlegorm

 You can dive the Thistlegorm wreck, either from Sharm El Sheikh or on a diving cruise.

The Thistlegorm sank in 1941, and they discovered it in 1956 by Commander Cousteau. The wreck is in excellent condition, which is what makes it so successful. We recommend a diving cruise, which will allow you to plan several visits to the site, and to dive before or after the crowd of divers who have come out for the day.

The Thistlegorm

During World War II, on October 6, 1941, the Thistlegorm dropped anchor near the reefs of Sha’ab Ali. After a long journey around Africa, they loaded her holds with military equipment intended for the British-based in North Africa. However well camouflaged, German planes bombarded it. For a long time, the English ships put their flags at half-mast when they sailed in the area.

Diving on the wreck

The boat is 126m long; it rests on the sand 30m deep. Some debris is scattered 17m away.

There is often current around the wreckage and visibility is not always excellent, it is preferable to provide a lamp. The current can change very quickly, so this dive is only for experienced divers.

There is so much to see on this wreck, you will not know where to start. If you are lucky enough to do several dives on the Thistlegorm, we advise you to do the first one in reconnaissance, then to plan the others according to the places you want to see each other again.

Besides the fact that the wreckage is entirely colonized, the aim of the exploration is above all to observe the cargo almost intact. We see guns, cannons, cars, jeeps, motorcycles, tires, shell cases, locomotives, airplane wings, and even rubber boots.

It is possible to enter the wreckage in different places.

You can therefore start by doing a global exploration of the wreck.

Start at the stern to see the propeller and rudder. You will then pass over the antiaircraft guns. Then, you will reach the bombed area, hold number 4, all its cargo was dispersed. You will continue to the upper platform to admire the foremast, winches, and davits.

We can do the following dives indoors. There the emotion is intense at the sight of cars, motorcycles, and the multitude of boots.

The passages are wide, you can also venture into the passageways. Do not forget your lamp, the interior is dark.

Good command of its buoyancy and a wreck certification is recommended if you wish to explore the Thistlegorm in depth.

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