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Queen of the Balkans: Popular diving sites in Montenegro

by Tijana

True diving lovers do not miss the opportunity to get to know the beautiful underwater world of the Adriatic, whose depths provide an unusual experience to remember. The Sea of ​​Montenegro provides conditions for a quality diving experience, whether for experienced divers or those who are exploring the depths of the sea for the first time.

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The underwater world of the Adriatic abounds with many underwater caves and corals that build the most beautiful diving awards. What we should emphasize is that this, although the small tourism sector in Montenegro, provides a remarkably diverse and safe diving experience for all tourists who want to experience it.

1. Poseidon’s city – visit underwater caves

Poseidon’s city is one of the most interesting Montenegrin diving locations, and the name itself suggests it is an extremely rich natural architecture of the underwater world, which fully corresponds to the truth for this place. Poseidon’s city, well known to experienced divers, comprises underwater caves located at different depths.

Many corals and algae surround the caves, which provide additional beauty that fans of the underwater world really appreciate. Besides the rich aquatic flora, in this area, you can also find representatives of the aquatic fauna that emerge from Poseidon city.

The average depth of this diving location is about 18 meters, while it does not exceed the maximum depth of 40 meters. The level of visibility is assessed as excellent.

2. Mamula Fortress – a historical symbol and a good diving site

Mamula Fortress is on the island of Lustica, which is often called by the name of the fortress itself. It is a location that brings something new with every diving experience, which is why it is one of the favorite spots among experienced divers, but also among beginners with the support of professionals.

During many wars throughout history, the fortress served as a defense facility that protected the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, and for a time as a prison facility. Today, it is a well-known historical symbol and association of quality diving, with an average depth of 18, maximum of 40 meters.

3. Blue cave – a place where the sea has the most beautiful color

The Blue Cave on the Luštica Peninsula is one of the favorite tourist places in Montenegro since it is approached by water surfaces from where it is possible to enter the cave. However, divers love this place because of everything that the cave hides under the surface of the water, where various species of fish, octopuses, and other interesting representatives of marine fauna are formed.

They name the place after the beautiful blue color that is created because of the reflection of the sun’s rays on the waves, and the underwater world hides an even richer color to which underwater life contributes. The average depth of the cave is 11 meters, and the maximum is 20. According to the assessment of divers for whom the Blue Cave is a regular location for diving, the visibility is excellent!

4. The wreck of the ship Gaul – research of the wreck from the 16th century

The wreck of the ship Gaul dates to the 16th century when it was built, but also sank to a location that is extremely popular among divers today. The wreck lies at a depth of 33 meters, which, unlike most other diving sites, is intended only for experienced divers. It is remarkably interesting to observe the remains of the ship, such as anchors and large cannons, and some of them were pulled ashore and housed in the Herceg Novi Museum.

The average depth of this diving position is about 27 meters, while the maximum is 33 meters. They rate visibility as good, rich diving experience as necessary for successful underwater exploration of this wreck.

Once you determine which location is ideal for you, all that remains is to enjoy the beautiful underwater world of the Adriatic, which will surely fascinate you at first sight.

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