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Diving in the 7 Brothers Archipelago

by Tijana

The islands of the 7 brothers make up a small archipelago located north of Djibouti, at the crossroads between the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. These small, desolate islands are only accessible by diving cruise. The seabed is shaken by currents, sometimes violent, which also attract a very impressive fauna, many of which are pelagic. The reefs are home to large schools of batfish, snappers, sweetlips, and jacks. Manta rays are also very present.

Diving in the 7 Brothers Archipelago

 The 7 Brothers Archipelago or the Sawabi Islands is one of the most beautiful diving areas in the Red Sea. It is possible to combine a diving cruise at the 7 brothers with a diving cruise in the Gulf of Tadjourah.

The 7 Brothers dive sites

Boeing: This dive site was named because of the shape of the reef which resembles a Boeing. It shelters a varied fauna of which some pelagics are of special interest.  It is a drift dive.

The Drift of The East Island is a beautiful drift dive where you can see moray eels, eagle rays, and pelagics. The dive there is better in the afternoon with a beautiful light.

The South Island is the southernmost island of the archipelago and the most beautiful. It is also the most difficult dive, with the greatest depth and the strongest currents. The divers dive here between high tide and low tide. The fauna is extremely abundant in large schools of fish such as big-headed trevally, snappers, mobula rays, groupers, blacktip sharks, nurse sharks, and sometimes sailfish appears as well.

The Chinese Garden of the East Island allows you to dive into a superb coral garden, full of life. There is a nice collection of soft and hard corals, lots of reef fish, turtles, barracudas, and sometimes tursiops dolphins.

The Japanese Garden in the Big Island is a fantastic, very intimate coral garden where you will come across large schools of triggerfish. It is not uncommon to see tursiops dolphins and white tip sharks.

Tolka “The Arch” is also called “The Crazy island” because the islet is surrounded by strong currents that go in all directions. There is an arch 14 meters deep, and a cave between 3 and 5 meters.

Round Island is a beautiful, vibrant, coral garden that surrounds the island.

The White Lady

The White Lady wreck is between the islands and Ras Siyan. It is covered by incredibly beautiful white gorgonians. It is between 120 and 150m long and is between 30 and 35m deep. There is little information about this boat, but it appears to date from World War II. It is colonized by diverse fauna.

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