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Diving holidays in Safaga

by Tijana

Formerly a small fishing port, the seaside resort of Safaga is now largely devoted to scuba diving. Safaga is a great destination for a diving trip. After a 45-minute road transfer from Hurghada Airport, you will discover a small, busy resort town but much less developed than Hurghada.

Formerly a small fishing port, the seaside resort of Safaga is now largely devoted to scuba diving. Safaga is a great destination for a diving trip.

Your diving stay will be mainly focused on the discovery of coral reefs, superb and very protected, like Panorama Reef or Abu Kefan.

During your diving holiday in Safaga, you can learn to windsurf or kitesurf, as more and more centers are popping up on the long beach.

Diving in Safaga

The diving around Safaga is still well protected, the reefs are extremely popular; they are real coral walls. We find the same type of fauna and flora as elsewhere in Egypt, schools of multicolored fish, napoleons, groupers, barracudas, soft and hard corals. The relief is very varied, ranging from a small lagoon to vertiginous drop-offs.

Soma Bay dive sites

The chic resort of Soma Bay is the perfect location for an upscale diving trip. This resort offers beautiful hotels, a golf course, one of the most beautiful thalassotherapy centers in the world, and superb coral gardens. Between desert and turquoise waters, Soma Bay is one of the most beautiful places… Read more.

Tobia Island and Safaga island

Tobia Island and Safaga Island are two islands located south of Soma Bay and opposite Safaga. Tobia Island is a small sandy island that is often visited during the day. It is surrounded by a turquoise lagoon and is frequently called Sandy Island. There are some genuinely nice dive sites around… Read more.

Panorama Reef and Middle Reef

Panorama Reef and Middle Reef are two major sites in the Red Sea. Gorgonians, alcyonarians, coral, and fauna galore, Panorama Reef, and Middle Reef offer the best of diving in Egypt.

 They are accessible on a diving cruise or a diving trip from Safaga or Soma Bay. Read more.

Abu Kefan Reef

Abu Kefan . is a large reef off the South-East of Safaga which descends steeply and has 2 plateaus, a South plateau, and a North plateau. The drop-offs are dizzying and very impressive. We can only do diving in pleasant weather. On the southern plateau, diving takes place along the drop-off, which is entirely covered with corals. You will no longer know where to look because the fauna is so abundant: groupers, turtles, moray eels, tuna, trevally, white tip sharks, and sometimes gray sharks.

If the current is too strong, you will dive on the south-eastern part of the reef, which is  just as beautiful. You will be accompanied by a cloud of anthias and flute fish attracted by the bubbles. The visibility is perfect, and many small caves show moray eels.

The northern part of the reef is subject to many currents, so you will do a drift dive at this site. It is one of the most beautiful dives in Safaga. We observe black coral and magnificent giant gorgonians where schools of jacks, barracudas, coachfish, and groupers evolve.

The dive ends in a landscape of hard corals and acropora of all kinds.

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