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Top 5 places for diving in Greece

by Tijana

Caves, colorful corals, and underwater paradises on five Greek islands – a dream for diving.

diving in Greece

Wonderful waters, abundant seabed, shipwrecks, and corals make the ideal setting for diving. Greek waters are suitable for underwater exploration, and five islands invite us to become tourists underwater.

Prices for a diving lesson range from 30 to €40, including equipment. Considering the pleasure, it gives, the price is totally worth it.


The beautiful island has some of the most beautiful underwater caves, colorful corals, and rock formations, but also shipwrecks for fans of the species. It is considered ideal for beginner divers since its waters have good visibility and temperatures are moderate. Elinda, Prasonisi, and Trachili are some of the most popular diving spots.

Organized diving on the island is done by the Tortuga Diving Center and the Sea Adventure.


Its volcanic origin gives the underwater landscape a unique charm. In fact, the high salt content of its waters makes the cruising here quite relaxing. Among the top diving options here are Cape Tripiti, Taxiarchis with the shipwreck, and the reef in the Adiavati area.

Diving in the above-mentioned areas, but also in many others, is carried out by Aegean Divers and the Atlantis diving center.


A paradise for divers from all over the world, the bottom of Zakynthos hides a remarkably interesting sea world, especially in its southwestern part. Worth mentioning is the internationally renowned National Marine Park. The rich flora and fauna in combination with the crystal-clear turquoise waters and its caves make the ideal background for dream dives. If you are lucky, you can swim next to a Caretta or a Monk.

You can dive in Zakynthos with Nero Sport, with Eurodivers in Laganas and Turtle Beach.


The island of sponges is a pole of attraction for diving fans and for a good reason too. The rich seabed of the island, with its reefs, caves, and shipwrecks, create the dream setting for those who love diving. The area Therma – Pithari, the diving park, the sponge farms in Kastelli and Kambi, and the area Diapori of Leros are the areas that attract most of the divers.

Diving on the island can be done by using the services of the Diving Center of Kalymnos.


The imposing wild relief of this island continues in the sea, creating formations of abysses, caves, and reefs. There are many shipwrecks that testify to the history of the island. Dozens of impressive diving spots are in the Gulf of Souda, and on the rocky shores from Kalyves to Georgioupolis. Among them the underwater cave of Elephants, the beach Skinaria near Plakias, the cape of Spatha and the cape of Gravousa, the Voulisma in Lassithi, the shores of Cape Sidero and Koufonisi (White).

Diving in ​​Chania is performed by Blueadventures and Omega Divers, in Rethymno, and the Diving Center in Agia Pelagia.

Diving in Greece is raeally magic experience!


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