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TOP 3 Spots for diving in Egypt

by Tijana

One thing is important: there is no place in the Red Sea that you cannot dive well from! The regions can distinguish from north to south, and everyone can find a different favorite spot for amazing diving experiences. This is our choice for the top 3 spots to diving in Egypt:

diving in Egypt

1. The Blue Hole in Dahab

A steep wall that should not be missing when looking for the most beautiful places is the infamous Blue Hole! To be completely honest, there are more colorful and diverse spots than the Blue Hole in the Gulf of Aqaba, but it is the wonderful feeling of this natural spectacle that “calls” visitors to this place and into the depths every day. Memorial plaques of the deceased who already have the 100-meter deep hole in the middle of a reef landscape on their conscience, adorn the rocks all around and make the trip here even more exciting – you will notice what I mean when you are there. Usually, you will be brought here in a jeep and can then decide whether to dive the hole or snorkel along the outer edge of the reef. If the current and the waves play along, both divers and snorkelers will find one of the best diving spots in the world!

2. Dive the most famous wreck in Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is one of the most famous places in Egypt and suitable for a vacation with exciting diving trips. From the northern part of the country you can wonderfully set off to several small coral gardens and wonderful reefs, but if that’s not enough, you will find a very special destination here: the wreck of the SS Thistlegorm. The sunken freighter has been resting on the bottom of the Red Sea since 1941, and you can dive to a depth of around 30 meters. Since in Egypt there is incomparably good visibility underwater almost all year round, it will amaze you when you dive – but snorkelers will also get their money’s worth. 

As a premium diving place in Sharm el Sheikh is the Ras Mohammed National Park, whose dive site you can visit during a leisurely 40-minute boat ride. The precipices and the protected flora and fauna of the park are among the most beautiful underwater experiences that the Red Sea has to offer.

3. See dolphins in Hurghada and Safaga

In the coastal towns of Hurghada and Safaga, you are in expert hands, especially as a beginner. The first plus point is the fact that there are so many diving schools in such a small area as nowhere else on the Red Sea coast. It is also about the dive sites: Since Hurghada is so centrally located, you can go to an incredible number of diving destinations from there. Unfortunately, the mass of tourists who come here to dive is correspondingly large and the reefs are suffering more and more. 

You should not miss out on the underwater world at any price when you are on vacation there! Day tours, where you make two or three stops to go on a discovery tour with a snorkel or compressed air bottle, are suitable. You usually go out in the morning with a small group on a diving boat and spend the entire day on the open sea, including delicious food and a lot of good humor. Dolphins and turtles are not uncommon on these excursions and the guides voluntarily let one or the other go overboard during the trip.

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