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Top 3 Islands for Diving in Croatia

by Tijana

Are you a diving enthusiast and no longer know where to find new diving sites? Maybe you are a beginner looking for interesting but undemanding diving spots? The crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, with rich and colorful marine life, many archeological sites and shipwrecks, and warm temperatures, is the dream of every diver.

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Find here which 3 islands we have singled out as the best for diving in wonderful Croatia.

The island of Hvar

Hvar is one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia, but in Europe too. It is a popular destination for diving enthusiasts from all over the world. Several underwater locations enjoy a worldwide reputation.

Vela Garska Bay hides a cave in its underwater world inhabited by rich fauna and flora. The entrance to the cave is at a depth of 10 meters. This diving location is suitable for beginner divers.

The Paklinski islands also have interesting diving locations. The most famous is the one near the island of Vodnjak. In the sea around Vodnjak, there is a sunken stone obelisk that resembles a bell tower. The top of the obelisk is at a depth of 10 meters. Dive even deeper and you will see a canyon with red gorgonians and a 5-meter-long tunnel.

This diving site abounds in a variety of plant and fish species.

The island of Korcula

The island of Korcula also preserves in its deep waters, impressive natural phenomena, and the remains of sunken ships.

Thus, in the Pudarica beach, near Lumbarda, you can find the remains of the Italian steamer Garda, which sank in 1938 during the very stormy south wind. On the sandy bottom, there are scattered parts of the ship.

The seabed of the island of Majsan, which was once an important anchorage on the Adriatic Sea, is a rich archaeological site. Roman artefacts remained in the form of amphorae and anchors at a depth of 35 meters. It is the perfect diving spot for beginners in this amazing water’s sport. This location is also rich in marine life, there can find groupers, leaves, shrews, and other fish.

Cave lovers must visit the cave in Orlandusa Bay, where you will feel amazing by the impressive play of sunlight. Under the cave is a wall that descends to a depth of 40 meters and which is rich in fish, crabs, snails, and octopuses.

The island of Lastovo

The neighbor of the island of Mljet, you can find the island of Lastovo which with the surrounding islands and the Nature Park, also has several impressive diving locations. Please note that diving on Lastovo is only allowed accompanied by professional staff from the diving centers Ankora in Zaklopatica and Diving Paradise-Lastovo in Pasadur.

The most famous diving location of Lastovo, but also one of the most beautiful in Europe, is the island of Bijelac. What looks like an island on the surface, splits into two parts up to 60 meters deep. Gorgons, starfish have their habitat here, corals decorate the walls, and marines, or lobsters, can be found here from the fish world.

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