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Diving in Corsica: What Are the Most Wonderful Spots?

by Tijana

The Island of Beauty has not only its landscapes to offer. The Corsican seabed has reliefs, very varied fauna, and flora which make them obligatory and unforgettable outings for divers. We will introduce you to heavenly spots for diving in Corsica.

Diving in Corsica

The waters of the gulfs of Girolata and Porto

While it is forbidden to dive in the Scandola reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its underwater borders in the Gulf of Girolata are one of the most paradisiacal spots in Corsica for diving. The diverse and colorful fauna and flora available to divers continue as far as the Gulf of Porto and the creeks of Piana, also classified by UNESCO. Between the corals, the multicolored nudibranchs, and the red gorgonians, the spectacle is worth the detour.

The walls and sand circles of the bay of Sagone

Beginners and experienced divers can enjoy the beauties of the Bay of Sagone. The more seasoned will however have the advantage of being able to admire this entire paradisiacal spot and dive towards Capo Rosso, its rocky walls, its colorful algae and meet the Pinna Nobilis, large mother-of-pearl, one of the largest bivalve mollusks.

Some will discover Punta Locca, a vertiginous rocky drop off 60m, and the rich fauna that occupies its vaults: groupers, scorpionfish, nudibranchs, and other muscles will accompany the divers on their descent.


The bay of Sagone shelters an astonishing treasure. At 27m deep, the playground for fish and lobsters is none other than the wreck of a Canadair, about thirty meters deep. The plane ended its course in the Mediterranean during an outing to fight a fire in September 1971. The wreck has since been accessible for divers wishing to play the explorers. And as you will see, this wreck is not the only spot of its kind in the depths of Corsican waters.

The Lavezzi Islands: Welcome to Mérouville

The southernmost point of France, 10 km south of Bonifacio, the six granite islets that make up the Lavezzi archipelago reserve a surprise for divers of all levels. In the turquoise waters, up to forty meters, you leave the Island of Beauty to arrive at Mérouville. As its nickname suggests, this heavenly diving spot in Corsica is home to around thirty groupers. And some members of this large family, accustomed to the human presence, even let themselves be caressed. However, it is advisable to dive in the morning to avoid intense winds and currents during the day.

La Revellata

Near to Calvi, the Revellata peninsula is bordered by a diving spot where fish are many and varied. Between 15 and 35m, the most patient – and lucky – divers can come across impressive devil, stingrays, mobula, or eagle rays. All with their distinctive colors and stains. You can also swim in the middle of bars, tunas, scorpionfish, moray eels, and groupers.

The bomber

Is there a pilot on the plane? Not for a long time. Now it is the fish – moray eels, wrasses, conger eels – which have taken possession of the device. Off the Ile-Rousse, at a depth of 28m, a B17 bomber sits at the bottom of the sea. The plane is still in excellent condition for an underwater wreck and is a genuine curiosity to discover for divers. They shot the American bomber used in World War II down by German soldiers on February 14, 1944.


We gather three heavenly spots for diving in Corsica near Ajaccio. Something to satisfy all levels of experience. While beginners will come across lobsters and mostelles, the more experienced can go to the Campanina cave, 40m away. The fish are rarer there, but it is a pleasure to see them evolve if we see one.


Let us stay in Ajaccio bay with Corsica’s most popular wreck diving: the Alcione C., an Italian oil tanker which sank in 1943, and which now rests at a depth of 35m. In less excellent condition than other wrecks, the Alcione owes its success to an incredibly special atmosphere and play of light that makes it a popular outing.

For less experienced divers, the bay of Ajaccio will delight you thanks to a rich fauna and flora and corals like a mosaic of colors.

Propriano bay

Excellent visibility up to 25m deep. An underwater richness that can suit divers of all levels. This makes Propriano bay, in the Gulf of Valinco, one of the best heavenly spots for diving in Corsica. The more experienced will discover Les Pyamides, a tunnel in the rock 45m deep, and contemplate strange black corals, exceedingly rare.

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