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The Dive Sites of The Straits of Tiran: Explore The 4 Reefs

by Tijana

The Strait of Tiran is at the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba, between Sinai and Tiran Island. While staying or on a diving cruise, you can explore the 4 reefs of the Straits of Tiran at leisure: Jackson ReefWoodhouse ReefThomas Reef, and Gordon Reef. The strong currents carry a large quantity of plankton, thus attracting an abundant fauna, from the smallest to the largest.

Dive Sites of The Straits of Tiran

From Dahab or Sharm El Sheikh, the dives on the sites of the Straits of Tiran are done as a day boat trip.

Diving in the straits of Tiran

There are many dive sites in the Straits of Tiran. Besides the 4 fringing reefs, Jackson ReefWoodhouse ReefThomas Reef, and Gordon Reef, you will also dive on the wreck of the Kormoran and on Laguna Reef, the western side of the island of Tiran.

 The Straits of Tiran is a diving spot that attracts divers from all over the world, the diversity and beauty of the corals are spectacular. It is a real underwater sanctuary.

Jackson Reef

It is the most northerly reef; it is also famous for the Cypriot wreck Lara, which sank in 1985. The diving generally begins in the southern part, sheltered from the wind. We walk along with the drop off, then we arrive in a superb garden of gorgonians. The current is still extraordinarily strong at this place, we meet turtles and other pelagic fish. On the southwestern part of the reef, the currents are even stronger, so drift dives are organized there. The fire coral is beautiful.

Jackson Reef is the meeting place for sharks: white tip sharks, gray reef sharks, and hammerhead sharks are visible in large numbers, especially during the summer, in July and August. Turtles are also very present.

Be careful, diving can be difficult in windy conditions.

Jackson Reef is also the most popular site for day boat trips… divers and boats alike.

Woodhouse Reef

It is a long reef which has no anchorage. You can only drift diving on Woodhouse Reef and only if the weather permits. The dive starts north of the reef, heading towards a vast canyon. The coral is magnificent, fire coral, black coral in abundance. It is one of the most beautiful sites in the Straits of Tiran, for the observation of sharks, eagle rays, and turtles.

Thomas Reef

This reef is very spectacular, it is the smallest and the richest. Here again, the strong currents and the lack of anchorage require drift diving. It starts in the south; we walk along a superb wall with multiple colors; black corals, gorgonians, fire corals are superb. At 35m, we discover the entrance to a canyon, parallel to the reef, it is crossed by 3 large arches. We finish the dive in a coral garden. There will be many encounters: gray reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, turtles, jacks, sweetlips, etc.

Gordon Reef

Gordon Reef is easily recognizable by its wreck, which lies on the northern end of the reef. The dive begins on the northeastern part of the reef. The current is important, do not miss looking in the blue, the gray shark’s patrol. Then going down to the south, a sandy area is a home to garden eels. During this dive, you will observe many remains of boats completely covered with corals. The eastern part of the reef is a little more sheltered and therefore perfect for snorkeling.

The wreck of the Kormoran

This boat ran aground in August 1984 after a navigation error. It is dislocated and lies only 12m deep. It is completely colonized by coral.

Diving on this wreck is easy and is usually done.

The currents can be strong, so this dive is only possible if the sea is calm.

Laguna Reef

Laguna Reef is a reef that is in the island’s west of Tiran. Between the 2 a superb lagoon shelters a beautiful coral garden. The lagoon is separated into 2 parts. The characteristic of Laguna Reef, North, or South are superb coral formations, large tables of acropora. Here again, sharks are very present.

Currents can sometimes be extraordinarily strong inside and outside the lagoon.

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