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Top 5 Spots for Diving in Crete

by Tijana

The Greek island of Crete is ideal for diving. Different regions around the island present themselves with an unforgettable underwater world. This can explore while snorkeling too. If you cannot dive yet, a visit to a diving school is recommended.

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Diving schools in Crete

There are many diving schools on Crete that provide practical and theoretical knowledge. When looking for the Crete Diving Center, the selection must be made individually. The Paradise Dive Center is one of the most popular schools of this type. The school team accompanies the beginners on their first dives. You do these from the boat. Going under the water is initially learned at school. You can combine learning with a vacation on the beach and sightseeing.

The most beautiful dive sites in Crete

1. El Greco Cave & Reef

To find the cave, you must dive 15 meters into the depth. The cave below Crete is 30 meters long. Because of the slow increase, an adjustment for beginners is easily possible. Besides the flora and fauna, stalactites and stalagmites can be viewed also. At one point there is a unique shimmer. This is created by mixing of freshwater and saltwater.

With a visibility of 25 meters, you can overlook a lot during the dives. There is a small cave along the rocks. Despite the sunlight, a lamp is beneficial for more detailed explorations. We can discover many animals when diving on the north coast of Crete. Octopus, crabs, tuna, sea anemones and much more can be discovered.

2. Mononaftis

50 meters off the coast of Crete there is a boulder that extends to the surface of the water. Translated, Mononaftis means a lonely sailor. The region is ideal for day and night diving. The offers regarding the crossing are based on conditions and experiences. We can discover many of the animals living there during the night dives.

3. Aircraft from the Second World War

The Messerschmitt Wreck diving spot is 15 minutes from Malia. It is a Messerschmitt Bf 109 aircraft from the Second World War. The aircraft is at a depth of 24 meters below the surface of the water. The stern and fuselage are 50 meters apart.

4. Big Anchor

It is near Agia Pelagia. The divers are accompanied by curious fish. Groupers, which can reach a length of 1.1 meters, live at this anchor. The clear water allows a view of up to 30 meters. Many fish can be observed from a safe distance.

5. Liveaboards in Crete

Liveaboards are offered in many parts of the world. The offers refer to islands and other regions on the coast. Greece and Egypt are among the countries that have many diving spots. It requires enough experience to take part in underwater safaris. Diving in the region around Crete is one of the best at night. Different operators make offers that for underwater safaris. Depending on the time of day, additional visits to the city of Heraklion, Chania are possible.

Guided dives

Experienced divers with enough local knowledge can set out on their own. These excursions have the advantage that more of the region and life underwater can be discovered. According to their experience, they know where the most beautiful places for diving are in Crete. By participating in such safaris, you can gain experience with the best diving spots in Crete.

Requirements for the dives

For some dives that are offered around Crete, we must meet requirements. These relate to experiences made while diving. It requires a diving license for all spots on Crete. For other spots, it may require evidence of the dives and night dives. It requires additional certificates, especially when diving into caves.

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