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Abu Nuhas 4 Wrecks Offers Beautiful Dives

by Tijana

On a diving trip from El Gouna or on a diving cruise, wreck enthusiasts will feast on the site of Sha’ab Abu Nuhas. This dangerous reef which runs along the route of the boats going up to the Suez Canal trapped four ships: the Giannis D, the Carnatic, the Chrisoula K, and the Kimon M. These wrecks are covered with corals and gorgonians, they are inhabited by a very dense coral fauna.

Abu Nuhas 4 Wrecks

The excellent visibility of the site offers beautiful dives and superb light shows.

Sha’ab Abu Nuhas

A two-hour boat ride from El Gouna, Abu Nuhas Reef is close to the main Suez Seaway in the Strait of Gubal. Partially submerged, this reef is a seafarer’s nightmare, and many ships have sunk here.

4 wrecks are now the delight of divers. The Giannis D, the Carnatic, The Chrisoula K, and Kimon K. These wrecks are also explored during North cruises and often combined with the Rosalie Muller located further north. In the surrounding area, a few sites are also home to superb coral gardens.

The Giannis D

The Giannis D is a Greek freighter that sank on April 19, 1983. It was carrying a cargo of timber bound for Jeddah.They rescued all the crew members. The boat broke in 2. The bow remained on the reef for 6 weeks, then sank and lay down between 23 and 27m deep.

You can easily access the interior, and excellent visibility allows you to explore all corners of the ship. The boat is home to stonefish, crocodile fish, batfish, and schools of “glassfish”. Groupers, eagle rays, and sometimes sharks are visible on the site.

The wreck is in excellent condition, and diving is accessible to all levels of divers.

The Carnatic

This wreck is the oldest of the 4. The Carnatic sank in 1869 with a cargo of wine, gold and silver bars, and 230 passengers.

 It rests at a depth of 27m on the north face of the reef between Giannis D and Chrisoula K. Visibility is very often excellent, the play of light is superb, and it is very often visible in its entirety. Note the superb bronze propeller covered with corals. The wreck is entirely colonized by a very abundant fauna.

The Chrisoula K

This Greek freighter sank in August 1981. The Chrisoula was carrying a cargo of tiles, still visible in the holds. You can see the propeller and the rudder, and the coral fauna that completely colonized the wreck. Good divers can get inside the engine room.

The wreck is covered with corals, especially in the shallower parts. Groupers, batfish, and lionfish are many. We can also see dolphins with luck.

Kimon M

The Limon K is a large cargo freighter that sank in 1978 with 4,500 tons of lenses… it saved the crew at the last minute. The boat stayed on the reef for a while and then sank to a depth of 27m. It is almost intact. An enormous hole was made to recover the engines. As the wreck is unstable, we do not recommend going inside.

The fauna is very present, and it is not uncommon to see groupers or wrasse, while morays inhabit the remains of the scattered boat.

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